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“I’m Keeping the Head”


“The Reluctant Torturer”

These are true stories.
Only the Who, the What, the Where, the When and the Why have been changed.

"The Reluctant Torturer" by Andy Sparrow
"I'm Keeping the Head" by Andy Sparrow
“The Reluctant Torturer”
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"The Reluctant Torturer" by Andy Sparrow
First there was
“I’m Keeping the Head”
published in 2017
"I'm Keeping the Head" by Andy Sparrow

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Amazon Reviews

Having been a fan of Andy Sparrow’s work for many years I was excited to read his first published book. Right from the first page he’s produced real relatable characters and sets up a great who dunnit plot that would keep you hooked even without the frequent references to the turn of the millennium setting (that gives the book a +5 nostalgia boost from me!).
The aspect of the story surrounding the characters battles with addiction feel very personal and Andy’s writing really gives you the emotional connection to feel like a partner or family member when they triumph or fail. For someone who has never been in that position these parts of the story might seem a little overwhelming but in many ways i think that is the point them and for the story it is important that the reader understands the battle, without glamourising the lifestyle of an active user.
All in all a great book that i would recommend to anyone over 18 and something i think should be put in film to give a wider audience a chance to appreciate it. When it comes to stories about drugs this isn’t trainspotting… it’s better as it shows how life can get better!

Mr. Richard J. Bardsley

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